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We guarantee a well connected experience with you and your dog while you’re away. If anything happens, we’ll contact you immediately.

We guarantee you a much happier dog after their stay with us.

  • Day care 7:00 am - 7:30 pm everyday of the week
  • Overnight pet sitting - call for appointment

Small Dogs Only (30 lbs & under)

  We have a no bully breeds and a small dog policy (30 lbs and under)  to ensure that you and your Precious Pup feel safe. 

This is a small dog vacation and we want them to feel care free and enjoy their time with us.

Precious Pups Day Camp

​       Small Dog Pet Sitting

Professional Pet Sitting Service       (30lbs & Under)

Our Mission   

Our mission is simple:

To love and care for each and every Precious Pup like we would our own. 

To help with behavior problems and to offer some basic training.  A well trained dog is a good dog.

To open an affordable doggie day care to help lift some of your burden and guilt.

Our Guarantee

Dog day care and free play       petsitting 

Dog day care benefits both you and your Precious Pup.  The benefit for you is that while you're out doing human stuff, your Precious Pup is having fun doing doggie stuff.  No more guilt when you pick up your keys and have to watch their excitement turn to disappointment as you walk out the door and go to work or run errands.  Day Care benefits your Precious Pup so that instead of sitting home waiting for you all day getting into trouble, they are playing, being socialized with other small dogs or enjoying the comfort of a warm lap.  All day exercise burns off so much pent up energy. A tired dog is a good dog.

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​     Why Dog Day Care?

If you're anything like us, u have an incredible connection with your Precious Pup.

When your out of town, working or just running errands, you want to make sure they're with someone who will love them as much as you do. That's why we started Precious Pups Day Camp, to give you peace of mind while your away on your extended trips away from Meistro and Zoe. So leave them in good hands and enjoy yourself.

When you can't be there...

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Professional Petsitting Service
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Professional Petsitting Service
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